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Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Seven - Meditation Day

Vanessa Neshevich

meditation mindfulness self-care

Cultivate mindfulness and reduce your stress levels with a small meditation break. In witchcraft, meditation is important for manifestation as it is at the core of all magickal systems, however it is also important in everyday self-care. It can assist with relaxing your mind and body, increase your focus span, ability to properly visualize and build your overall control of yourself.

For today's challenge, you can easily integrate cannabis into this activity. Look for an strain high in CBD, that will allow you to focus on your breathing while letting your mind wander. I recommend Harlequin, which will give you a mellow body high with no head pressure.

To start, find a comfortable area in your favourite room and sit or lay down in a relaxed position.  Light some candles or burn some incense to create a welcoming atmosphere.

At this time you can close your eyes, rest your hands where they feel comfortable and rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Notice your body and focus on the feelings and sensations it is experiencing, from the touch of the cushion you are on, to the connection to the floor, feel everything and relax any areas of tightness.

Tune into your breath. Feel it’s natural flow and where you feel it in your body. When one breath ends the next begins.

It’s okay if your mind wanders during this time, it’s only natural, but as you notice your thoughts wandering redirect them back to your body and your breathing. In and out.

After five or ten minutes slowly start to move your body, one part at a time, wiggle your toes, move your legs, slowly lift your arms…. As you come out of your meditation offer yourself some appreciation for doing this today.

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