Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Nine - Ancestor Wisdom

Green Moon Apothecary Ancestor Wisdom 14 Day Self-Care Challenge

Choose to learn about an ancestor today. Honouring your ancestors and connecting with their magic can be an enlightening experience.  

To start, put the thought of “ancestor” in your heart and mind. Who do you think of and what feelings did your thoughts evoke? Did you think of a great-grandparent, an abstract figure, a friend from a past life? Take that direction and look deeper into that person. What do you feel when you think of them? What is their personality? Their aura? Their fears, loves, goals?

Find a teaching from them to bring back to life in your own way. Get inspired from lessons left by your kin. Traditions that are strong enough to survive the test of time have much to teach us about ourselves and our world. This will allow you to connect with the spirit of your ancestors and learn how to draw on their narratives in ways to help you shape the world in beneficial ways.

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