Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Four - Crystal Work

Select a crystal or stone that calls to you and that will work for your highest good. Keep your mind and heart open and receptive to whatever crystal comes your way. The sky's the limit when selecting your crystal and you can use them however you feel called.

Once you select your crystal (or have let the crystal select you), learn about its scientific properties, magickal properties and energies. Find one way to incorporate it into your life. How can it best work with your intentions? How does it make you feel? What kind of images does it help bring up when you meditate with it? What is the pulse that it emites? 

The ios app STONE with its beautifully captured images of crystals is a super easy way to learn about a stone’s background as well as its metaphysical properties.

If you consume cannabis, think about how the crystal combined with the cannabis can aide in your future intentions and goals.  You can also charge your cannabis with your crystals. This can be done by simply placing your weed next to your selected crystal in your stash jar. Let them become friends! If you have a crystal grid you can use that by surrounding your selected cannabis strain with corresponding crystals to add more energy and intention into the flower.

Green Moon as a few crystals in our store including an amethyst trio, a carnelian and black tourmaline pairing and a ruby in zoisite pipe.  We are always adding more and include crystals in almost all of our subscription boxes so keep checking back! You can also visit our blog to discover ways to use your crystals like “Evoking the Powers of Amethyst” or “Yule Crystal Mediation: Carnelian and Black Tourmaline.”

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