Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Five - You Are Beautiful

Do something that makes you feel beautiful! We all know it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but sometimes getting glammed up just gives yourself a little bit of that ooh ah ah sensation. You can do whatever feels right for you, but to offer a little guidance here’s a few things you can do:

Try a Bold Lipstick Shade.  

Lipstick culture has a vast history of rebellion and can be a great way to harness the power of colours. In magickal practices, colours can carry deep meanings and  the intention of each colour can invoke its magical response. For instance, to feel like a sex goddess, invite a new love into your life or to begin seduction for an evening passion try a bright red lip shade. Pink is perfect for inviting self-care or attracting empathy and understanding and purple can bring confidence and add oomph into your day!

Project Positive Energy Into Your Lewk!

As you put your makeup on, or do your hair, focus on that one element and create an intention for each action. “My eyes will allure” “My hair will shine” “I am a glamourous goddess”.  You can also add some positive energy with razzle dazzle!Put on some glamourous earrings or a stunning bracelet with crystals that have been charged to assist with bringing positivity and love into your life, such as our beautiful Midnight Raven Ostara Bracelet.

Smell good and feel good!

Choose a scent that you love and immerse yourself in it.  Scents are modern day magic potions as they are not only linked to our memories but can also alter moods.

Dress for success.

I don’t mean put on your best business lady blazer (unless you want to!) Find an outfit, from the socks to the accessories, that makes you feel great, powerful and ready to take on the world.  As you dress, visualize yourself taking on the day and working towards a goal. Once dressed, give yourself a look in the mirror and smile. Direct your intention into yourself and your clothing.  You can also dress up your weed! Get some fancy rolling papers that just scream your style and get that fashionable feeling as you toke!

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