Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Eight - Take Time for Tea & Me

Green Moon Apothecary Custom Tea Oolong Mango Spearmint Peppermint Lemongrass Cannabis Terpenes

Slow down the speed of life for a spell. Delight your senses while engaging in the moment.  This morning, start your day by getting into a calm, goal-hitting mindset by setting your intentions while bringing positivity and vitality into your body.

Gather your favourite tea herbs, or use one of our amazing Ostara or Custom Green Moon Blend teas from The Forest Witch. If you choose, infuse your tea with some CBD or THC. Pending the tea blend, I like to use cannabis infused honey to satisfy my sweet tooth.

As you prepare the tea, focus on mindfulness and gratitude, then think of a goal you want to accomplish or your intention for the day. For example, you can focus on bringing in light, positivity and joy to yourself and others. As the warmth travels from the teacup to your body think about how the tea tastes and envision the power of the earth flowing into you. If you want to learn more about The Forest Witch teas, visit her guest blog …. here!

Green Moon Tea Offerings:

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