Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day One - Turn Your Bath Time Into a Ritual

In hard times or when I need to re-align myself, I crave activities and items that will ritualize “me time.” Whether you identify as a witch or are simply interested in holistic self-care, there is something empowering and therapeutic about honouring your own power, self-love, growth, strength, and divinity. However, sometimes we forget to take the time to do this. Doing one action a day to reaffirm your intentions can help you find peace and comfort and maybe open a new avenue of interest as well!  So join the ladies of Green Moon as we do fourteen days of witchy self-care and please share your own journey with us! Tag us in your social posts and hashtag them with #greenmoon so we can cheer you on and create a community of support around you.

Day One: Turn Your Bath Time Into a Ritual

Let’s start off the challenge with something easy, taking a bath or shower. This is an amazing strategy for taking five to thirty minutes of self-care!

Bathing can be turned into a time of reflection and shedding any negativity that surrounds you. It’s also a perfect time to give yourself some love and glamour work. By immersing yourself in water with the intent to change something, you can accomplish many things!

If you are like me, baths might be an uncommon luxury. I recommend turning your shower into your self-care sanctuary, even just for five minutes, instead. Make sure your shower is prepared before stepping in the water. I like to set the mood with music while I get my shower tools ready. I include items like fragrant soap, a soft washcloth or a loofah, body scrub, and so on, based on the type of shower I plan to take. Generally speaking, I enjoy using an all-natural, fragrant soap, like the Apothecary Labs Peppermint Rise Hemp Terpene Infused Soap, which has properties for enhancing the health of my skin.

When I shower I visualize what I want to achieve in the day and set those intentions.  As I shower, I let the soap cleanse my skin and wash away any feelings of doubt and negativity.

If you feel like this self-care strategy works for you just wash, rinse and repeat every day!

For those who want to indulge in a ritual bath for your DAY ONE challenge, check out Amanda’s blog “How to Take a Ritual Bath” or her “Be Your Own Valentine Rose Bath” which will leave you feeling purified and polished!

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