Five Ways to Celebrate Imbolc with Cannabis

Five Ways to Celebrate Imbolc
  1. Clean Your Bong! Imbolc is a time of purification and that can apply to your cannabis consumption tools as well. Not only will it make your bong look brand new again but it’ll make your smoking experience that much more positive! Once you clean your bong, fill it with fresh water and charge it under the next full moon for peaceful puffing!
  1. Celebrate with a Personal Ritual: Harness the power of cannabis in your Imbolc ritual. Try creating your own Imbolc ritual or follow Amanda’s solitary rituals here and here.
  1. Bring the magick of Birgid into your home at Imbolc by crafting a Birgid doll to hang over your door to welcome in light and good fortune. If doll crafting isn’t your jam, try making seed bombs instead! Seed bombs are a great way to give love to pollinators, create pockets of useful witchy herbs and flowers, and give back to the earth. I absolutely adore getting together with my friends, passing around a joint filled with an uplifting cannabis strain and crafting together. It builds a special bond, creates a safe space, invites positivity and carves us time to share stories, goals and worries with each other.
  1. Light up witches! Light candles, light a joint, light your pipe, your bong, your fireplace (if you have one), your outdoor fire pit (if you have one)… just Light. It. Up! Imbolc is the celebration of light so getting your home bright and warm with some candles is a wonderful way to coax spring back into your life.  Just make sure you don’t forget about any fire that you light! It may be a fire festival, but while burning one down you don’t want to also burn down your house! While enjoying your cannabis, sit in front of a candle and enjoy the flame, its warmth and messages.
  1. Visit some natural running water. Traditionally Imbolc was a time to visit a body of water to purify and bring fertility to dreams. Embrace the cold and go for a hike to some nearby water. Splash a little on yourself (if the water is clean) as you set your intention and rid yourself of negativity. I like to write down something negative in my life on a dead leaf and let the water carry it away. I also bring a joint in my handy Green Moon J-Case, which is weatherproof! It protects my joint from all those damaging winter elements. While hiking I also try to pick up any garbage I see to give thanks to nature and give gratitude. 
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