Five Solitary Witchy Weed Activities To Do This Beltane

Pass the Bong

Typically Beltane is a time for group outings and coven experiences out in the sun during daylight and surrounding a fire pit at night, but solitary celebrations can still be a blast as well.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 solitary celebrations are a must for any in-person type activities. Here's some weed witch ideas on how you can celebrate with or without your witchy pals.

1. Host a "fire pit" smoke session live stream. 

Instead of a bonfire, join your cannawitch pals on your favourite online hangout platform. Each person should light a candle, illuminating their space with it's brilliant flame and have your favourite method of cannabis consumption on hand. Take turns hitting your bong, joint, pipe or whatever your consumption choice is and pass it (digitally) to the next person in your session. Beltane is a celebration of sexuality and fertility and it's the perfect time for the art of wooing so as you pass the joint (or whatever you choose) to the next person in the hangout, say your best pick up line or sexy compliment to them. Let that raw energy and passion fly!

2. Have an infused Beltane tea ritual.

Beltane is the counter to Samhain. The veil is once again at its thinnest and we can take this time to communicate with our ancestors and those who walked before. Serve yourself a CBD or THC infused tea and take time to meditate and fully connect and honour your selected ancestors, departed loved ones or spirits. This is a great time to practice tasseography with a Cup of Destiny and seek advice from those on the other side of the veil. 

3. Connect with nature.

Getting out into nature can also get you in touch with yourself and the Earth Mother. This is one of the best ways to celebrate if you want to do something simple. Roll up your favourite strain (I like to use colour pre-roll cones like our Unicorn Dream Cones and pack it in my custom Green Moon J-Case) and walk on a nearby trail.  Slowly hike and fully experience the fertility and life that nature is bringing during this time. See the plants beginning to sprout, listen to the mating calls of the birds and fully use your senses to get attuned to the spirits of the earth.

4. Get Sexy

Beltane is a great time for honouring sexuality and fertility so sex magick is an appropriate thing for this sexy Sabbat whether you have a partner or not. Get a strain that helps promote that passionate feeling like Bubblegum Kush, Granddaddy Purple or AC/DC, then set the mood with a bawdy Beltane playlist and some sexy lighting and get ready to get off.

5. Enjoy a Spring inspired meal.

A lot of my life is thinking about food. I'm a live to eat kinda gal and this aligns very well with Sabbat celebrations, in my opinion. Food helps us get in touch with the seasons and its a great way to connect with the earth. I like to smoke a strain that stimulates my appetite, like Sour Diesel or Pineapple Kush, and cook up a storm using the flavours of spring such as:

  • Earthy flavours from mushrooms, beets and lentils.
  • Buttery tastes from eggs, salmon, a gourmet grilled cheese and a spring styled potato salad.
  • Sweet flavours from veggies like sugar snap peas, rhubarb, baby carrots and edible spring flowers.
  • Herbaceous flavours like asparagus, mint, dill, and green beans.


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