Five Important Crystals For Samhain

Autumn is in full swing now and with the seasonal changes comes shifts in energies as well. As we celebrate the end of the harvest and solar year, we also honour the beginning of darkness and the symbolic essence of death. We see the beauty of death begin to surround us from the dying trees and falling leaves, the sun retreating from its lengthy stays in the summer and the hibernation of animals beginning to take place. 

Spiritually, Samhain is a time where the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, when the spirits can walk between worlds (and visa versa), and this allows our psychic awareness to increase. It is a time of great reverence for the supernatural, magick and scrying.

Here are some wonderful crystals that can be added to your Samhain altar and/or assist your magickal Samhain practices:

1. Obsidian: A protective crystal that can also enhance your Samhain rituals, especially such magickal activities such as scrying, tarot, energy work and grounding. Obsidian is a unique crystal as it is technically not actually a crystal, but rather volcanic glass! Visit this link to learn more about how to use a scrying bowl with cannabis.

Samhain Obsidian Crystal

2. Labradorite: An superb stone for full moon magick and divination! This Samhain will be extra special as we witches will be greeted by the Hunter Moon!  Use labradorite to enhance intuition and help with communicating with spirits while the veil is thin.

Samhain Important Crystals

3. Smokey Quartz: A crystal that helps ground spiritual energy to the physical world and a protector while conducting metaphysical work. Smokey quartz will help draw spirits to your level of perception and help to facilitate clearer communication with them. 

Samhain Crystal Smokey Quartz

4. Amethyst: A highly prized stone in the ancient world and a must have for any crystal collector. Amethyst is high-frequency energy crystal that casts a protection bubble around its owner, shielding them from negative entities and unwanted energies. 

Samhain Crystals Amethyst

5. Selenite: Selenite, which means “moon”, is a high vibration stone that is ideal for charging crystals, or for healing and energy work. It is a great stone to help quiet the mind and receive mental clarity to access wisdom from past lives. Learn how to combine the powers of selenite with cannabis here.

Selenite Crystal Samhain 

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