Fat Feminist Witch - Spirit Box Spell

Fat Feminist Witch Spirit Spell Samhain


This spell opens up a line of communication between the living and the dead, a 2-way radio into the afterlife, so to speak.

You Will Need:

Your Samhain box contains the basics you need for this spell but is designed to be personalized by anyone who uses it. If you're trying to contact a specific ancestor or spirit include things they loved or wore in life, or a great photo. If you're communicating with a spirit you did not know in life, you may want to add a protective crystal, like obsidian. Finally, we all receive messages in different ways, you may want to have something to write or record with ready before you begin. 

Set aside time when you can be undisturbed - the 'no one's home, it's quiet in your neighbourhood, and no music on'; kind of undisturbed. Seat yourself at your altar with your box, teeth, and herbs in front of you and take a deep breath. 

We're going to use our joint or pipe with Ghost Train Haze (or relevant equivalent) to create sacred space. Light your smoke and inhale deeply, hold it for a count of three, and exhale just as deeply. 

As you continue smoking, blow it around your body and altar space. Blow it under your feet, over your crown, and on your spirit box itself- just like you would if you were burning sage. If you have a regular invocation for casting sacred space feel free to speak it now. When you're finished, turn your attention to your spirit box. If you're trying to contact someone specific keep them in your mind, and have any photos or personal mementos nearby. 

One by one, take a small amount of one of your herbs and sprinkle it inside the box, thinking or speaking out-loud its contribution to the spell. Rosemary is for remembrance. Calendula is to call in the spirits of beloved ancestors. Mugwort opens your psychic senses, and also provides psychic protection. Cannabis not only serves as an offering or sacrifice, but is a magical amplifier, cleanser, and healer. If you have items or photos of particular people you'd like to contact, add those and speak their name into the box.

Next, take your lamb's teeth. In this spell, the teeth provide protection, a connection to the dead, and a root to keep the spirits contained.

Place each tooth in the box one at a time and recite the following invocation,

By the lamb, all who enter here are innocent.
By the ewe, all who enter here are family.
By the ram, all who enter here speak the truth.

Focus your energy on the box and pay attention to your feelings and experiences. Do you hear anything? See anything? Feel anything? Maybe you smell a particular scent or perfume, or suddenly your mouth tastes like a particular wine, maybe you can feel the heft of a locket sitting on your collarbone. This is also a great time to try out automatic writing or channeling! 

When you're finished whisper a thank you into the box, and be sure to address anyone who communicated with you. Close the box and say,

The lines of communication are closed. Until we meet again. 

Whenever you want to reach out beyond the veil, open up your box and add more of the herbs. Be sure to include an offering any time you're asking for anything.

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