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Evoking the Powers of Amethyst

Vanessa Neshevich

Amethyst is a powerful stone that has long been used for its all-purpose spiritual properties. A highly prized stone in the ancient world and a must have for any crystal collector, its high-frequency energy casts a protection bubble around its owner, shielding them from negative entities and unwanted energies. This remarkable, multi-use stone also has amazing healing properties and was used to help cure addictions, whether a physical addiction or relationship problems because of an addition to love. The ancients used the stone to assist with alcoholism, to prevent intoxication, or as a healing stone in battles that would allow soldiers to keep a cool head.

In the Green Moon Imbolc 2019 box, we have included three varieties of this stone to assist in your ritual, as well as your everyday use. Each variation has its own benefits, but all contain the same overall properties and work well with the energies this time of year. As we begin to transition into spring, we purge our household during cleaning and create new goals for ourselves, removing old or obsolete ideas and items that no longer serve us. As you harness the powers of amethyst, it will emanate calmness and support decision making by bringing common sense and focus to the forefront of your mind.

Composition: Silicate Mineral

Colour: Light Lavender to Deep Purple

Birthstone Month: February

Zodiac Stone: Pisces

Energy: Receptive

Element: Water

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

  • Cleanses owner or areas of negative energy
  • Protects from psychic attacks while expanding owners intuition abilities
  • Boosts inner strength
  • Improves decision-making
  • Enhances memory
  • Helps achieve a deep meditative state
  • Improves mental focus and creativity
  • Provides a sense of calm, especially during times of grief
  • Relieves stress and melts away anxiety
  • Reduces insomnia and clears away nightmares
  • Assists with curing addictions
Using Your Amethyst

When using your crystals, I recommend carrying all three crystals with you in a small bag or satchel or placing the amethyst on your altar during Imbolc until the festival of Ostara to strengthen the bond with the triple goddesses. However, crystal use can be very personal and you should use them based on your intentions and as you see fit.

amethyst trio

Cluster: A powerful visualization assistant, an amethyst cluster is absolutely amazing to use in your home or workplace to counteract negative energy from your space and enhance positivity. Think of it as a peacekeeper for your space.

Tumbled: Perfect for basic crystal use, tumbled stones have more subtle and gentle energy that can be best used in meditation, affirmations, and altar work. They are also perfect to carry in your purse or as a pocket stone. Place under your pillow to ward of a restless night and prevent nightmares.

Raw: In its original form, these rough stones are amazing for when you need an energetic breakthrough or want to feel the natural, direct energies of the crystal. Place on your temple to relieve scattered feelings and help focus on a problem.

Caring for Your Amethyst:

Amethyst is quite a durable gemstone, but it does require some care to maintain its polish and natural colours.  It can be chipped or scratched by impact with other crystals or items. Like cannabis flowers, storing your amethyst crystals in a dark location is ideal as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can have your stone fade over time. Cleanse in water, salt water, or earth, and charge in the moonlight.

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