Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Two - Practice Grounding Yourself

In both self-care and witchcraft, grounding is the practice of balancing your personal energies. So many daily stresses can leave us feeling “off”, so taking the time to realign yourself can help you feel centred and happy.

There are a couple ways to do this:

Root Yourself. Best when barefoot and outside on the ground, however if you are Canadian and it’s winter, forget about it!  You can also root yourself anywhere, it doesn’t haaaaave to be outside.

Stand and close your eyes. Imagine your energy moving through your body, down your legs and into the earth as it becomes rooted.  Trade that energy with the earth and feel its energy flow back through you, then back down and out. Continue until you feel calm and comfortable. 

If you want to explore this method with cannabis, try adding some CBD into the mix. It can assist with putting you in deeper touch with your body and elevate the consciousness. 

Eat, Drink and be Merry! As someone who lives to eat, this is one of my favourite ways to ground myself! Prepare a nourishing, hearty meal, filled with ingredients from the earth. If you can cook, take the time to prepare your food with love from scratch rather than just warming up a pre-made meal. As you eat, give your meal your full attention, chewing slowly and feeling every flavour. Get connected to the earth through the bountiful harvest it has given you.

Laugh! Sometimes having a good ol’ laugh can chase away any negative or pent up energies and build your positive energy from within. If I'm in the mood for a good laugh I love to roll up a joint with some Laughing Buddha. It lives up to its name by promoting a relaxed state of mind with the added benefit of joyful elation!

Walk the Walk. As a city dweller, one of my favourite things to do is get out in nature and go for a long walk.  This allows me to trade energies with the earth and equalize myself. It also builds mindfulness and reminds me that there is so much to this wonderful world. I like to bring along my Ruby in Zoisite Pipe or roll a joint to take a moment to balance myself and attract positivity through the power of the crystal and my cannabis. Bringing along an essential oil spray to freshen up afterwards can be refreshing, too! This is also great to do when you have an excess of energy that you need to expel back into the world.

Green Moon Apothecary Items to Inspire Grounding:

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