Green Moon Self-Care Challenge: Day Three - Go Green

If you haven’t noticed already, plants want to create magic with you! Select a plant ally to connect with. Plants have a huge importance in witchcraft and in everyday life. They are healers, cooking allies, environmental reflectors, teachers of patience and trust, stress reducers and absolutely magickal.

For this challenge you may purchase a plant or try growing from a seed.

If you are not a green thumb, you can look into plants that don’t require a lot of care such as: Aloe, Snake Plant or Peace Lily. This list of hassle free plants from the CBC can also serve as a guide. If you have a pet that tends to munch on plants, you can try these pet-safe plants and rest easy when you are not at home.

Or if you want to try your hand at growing some magickal herbs check out this list from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine and choose a plant that will help you on your self-care journey.  If you want to try growing cannabis in your home, check out Leafly’s 101 How to Grow guide.
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