Common Crystals for Mabon

Common Mabon Crystals

Lapis Lazuli

A stone of truth and protection, this crystal will help bring balance to aspects in your life, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Get lost in its deep celestial blue and let it help guide you through meditations where you are looking for purpose and control.


Yellow Topaz

Another great meditation stone that offers guidance. It is also a great choice for affirmations and visualizations. If you look back at Mabon and find that you need to make some changes in order to correct your course, this crystal will gently guide you back to the path you wish to follow in the future.


Clear Quartz

A powerful stone; during Mabon it is great to use for clarity of outlook and to reduce negativity and build positive energies for the coming season. As this stone absorbs energies it is important to clear this crystal on a regular basis.



The light maker! Highly prized for its ability to radiate positivity and happiness. If you are prone to seasonal affective disorder or just get the doldrums at this time of year, this is the stone for you.


Blue Aventurine

Assisting in inner strength and balancing emotions, aventurine will guide you to a deeper understanding of the cause and effect of situations. A perfect stone for reflection and guidance, especially when you are looking to helping others.



A powerful crystal for relieving stress, worry, or grief. Like aventurine, it is a great stone to assist with gathering insight and understanding, but rather than giving you energies to help others, this stone will turn your thoughts inward to find the root of your own issues and direct you to positive solutions. This is a great gemstone for divination.

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