Channeling Your Green Witch: Easy Ways to Transition Into Being An Eco-Stoner

Cannabis accessories have come a long way and it’s becoming easier and easier to enjoy your weed while being kind to the earth! As witches we understand that the choices we make and each action we take have consequences, whether good or bad. When working with natural elements and energies, we absolutely must have a mutual love and respect with earthly forces. If we thoughtlessly trash the earth then call on its forces for help with our magic, it is like calling on our worst enemy for a favour.

To minimize the damage to the earth while enjoying cannabis consumption here are five easy ways to reduce your weed footprint and leave no trace.

  1. Recycle Your Weed Containers: Every year, billions of pieces of used packaging end up in dumpsters and landfills across Canada and the USA. Here in Canada, most Canadian municipalities, though not all, allow people to put plastic cannabis packaging into the recycling bin. If you are unable to put your cannabis packaging in your personal recycling, there are drop off centres as well!  For more information on how you can recycle your cannabis containers check out this helpful piece by TheGrowthOp.
  2. Hemp wick: Keep butane away from your smokables, candles, or anything else you can think of with hemp wicks! Hemp wick is basically a length of hemp twine that’s been coated in beeswax. Inhaling hot butane from a lighter or the combustible chemicals, glue and wood that come with lighting a match is much worse for your body than a flame atop all-natural, wax-coated hemp twine. It’s environmentally sustainable and also has fewer carbon emissions than standard lighters. Light your hemp wick with a candle and just pocket the lighter altogether for emergencies.
    You can shop this beeswax-dripped hemp wick cord wrapped around a point of clear quartz right here at the Green Moon store! You can also find it in our Ostara 2019 box (now on sale)!  The crystal lends its energy to your smoking or meditation session, reinforcing your intent.
  3. Glass Pipe and Bong Filters: Reduce the waste of brass metal filters by transitioning to resuable and easy to clean, glass filters are designed to keep your herb from getting into your pipe or bong stem, or your mouth for that matter!  The heat absorbing glass also blocks offensive lighter fuel, for a cleaner, cool inhale.  They will not burn or deteriorate so you can keep reusing over and over! 
  4. Be an Eco-Friendly Grower: As a green witch, I love growing my own plants, including cannabis and I try to keep my growing techniques as eco-friendly as possible.  If you are growing your own, keep these environmentally woke tips from High Times! You can also use LED lights for indoor growth and create your own compost for fertilizer! A really cool way to start your seedling is with an egg shell!
  5. Shop Smart & Savvy: Seek dispensaries who practice energy conservation. Ask your favorite neighborhood dispensary what they do to be more eco-conscious! What are their best practices for owning and operating their business? What will they be doing to lessen their footprint? In what ways do their growers comply with zero waste and minimizing energy. On top of that be a eco-conscious consumer, bring your own carry away bag when shopping at brick and mortar stores. 

Every time you think of the Earth first, she will think of you as well. Your connection will flourish and the increased energy in your green magic activities will be the reward!

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