Celebrate Ostara with a Personal Ritual

Ostara altar

Ostara takes place at the spring equinox, when day and night are in balance. After a long, dark winter, the sun has regained its strength. From here, the day is always longer than the night, until it reaches its apex at the summer solstice. Animals begin to ready their dens and nests in anticipation of newborn life, and even the earth itself bursts into fertility as seeds and shoots emerge from its surface.

This is the perfect time of year to celebrate renewal, rebirth, and the vast potential before us. I like to take the time to clear off my altar, give it a thorough cleaning, and rearrange my sacred objects for spring. This year, I placed my Ostara Collage Art Print near the center of my altar and arranged my other items that represent the Goddess and God around it. I keep a crystal grid and also included my Rolling Cones along some of the key lines to charge them with my spring intentions!

In the days leading up to Ostara, I’ve also placed my Loose-Leaf Tea blend into my Laser Engraved Stash Jar and placed it on a selenite charger to infuse it with positive energy. Because your tea was custom blended and packaged for you, there’s no need to charge it, but I love to give that extra oomph when it comes to celebrating the sabbats!

Ostara Tea Ceremony

For Ostara, we will perform a simple tea ceremony to welcome the positive energy of spring, and charge our gemstone bracelets with our intentions to carry with us through the season.

You will need:

Lay out your altar, placing the candle and bracelet near the center, and arranging the tea and watercolour cone around them. Light the egg candle using the hemp wick.

Eggs are a traditional symbol of the spring equinox and are sacred to the goddess Ostara. The rich purple colour represents the royal majesty of spring.

As the candle burns, light the Palo Santo stick in its flame. It may take several lightings to develop an ember that burns long enough to cleanse the area. Waft the smoke around you and prepare sacred space. Place the stick in the ashtray when you are done.

Pour the tea, remove your strainer, or do whatever needs to be done to prepare your tea for consumption. You could add a CBD infused honey, or prepare it however you usually enjoy herbal tea. When it’s ready, mindfully enjoy the tea. Concentrate on the flavours and the emotions and sensations they evoke. Consider what spring means to you, and how the sensations you’re enjoying relate to those ideas.

If you are consuming cannabis, light the cone and enjoy it. Use your hemp wick for this too! Draw your intention for spring into your body. Waft the smoke over you to cleanse away any negative energy and invite positivity into your life.

Drink this positivity in with each sip of tea. Consider how the strain you’re enjoying complements the flavours in the tea. Save a small amount of your cup to offer to the Earth once you have finished the ritual.

When you’re ready, pick up your gemstone bracelet. As you hold it in your hands, say a prayer or speak your intentions out loud. Let the universe know what you want to grow during the spring. You could say something like:

The Spring Equinox has arrived,
When the day and night find balance
As the light grows stronger
And the days grow longer
I invite the energy of the Sun
And of the Goddess Ostara
To bring health, wealth,
And success into my life

Be as specific as you want. The more direct the intent you put into the universe, the better your results can be. Sit and concentrate on your intent for some time, feeling it infuse the bracelet. When you feel moved to do so, close your circle and thank the energies and deities you worked with. Take the remainder of your tea into nature and offer it to the Earth.

If you haven't joined the Circle for the Ostara box, you can always do this ritual at any time during spring, to welcome the energy of spring. Shop the Ostara box, or stock up on any of the items inside for spring at this link!

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