Celebrate Lammas with a Personal Ritual

Lammas is traditionally celebrated on August 1st, and it is the first of three harvest festivals on the Wheel of the Year. It is also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced loo-NOSS-ah), as on this day some traditions celebrate Lugh, the Celtic warrior god of grain and the Sun. We celebrate the bounty of summer, as we look towards the lean times of the dark half of the Wheel.

Lammas Gratitude Ritual

You will need:

Lammas is a festival of light, so I like to celebrate while the sun is still out. Find a sunny spot outside, or if you're celebrating indoors, try to find a spot where you can feel the rays of the sun. Lay out your candles, and your cannabis accessories. Take a moment to centre yourself, and feel the energy of the sun pouring down on you. Light your incense, and all three of the candles.

We celebrate three harvest festivals, starting with Lammas, then Mabon, followed by Samhain. Save your trio of candles for the sabbats that follow, as we will extinguish one for each of the festivals.

If you are going to indulge in some Argyle, or another strain of your choice, do so now. Let it relax your body and open your mind. 

Hold your offering in your hands and close your eyes. While we look ahead to the future at Lammas, we also should take time to reflect on the past. Take some time to meditate on the past months. What metaphorical seeds did you plant this year? Have your goals and intentions blossomed and thrived, or is there barren ground? Be honest with yourself when you consider your actions. Did you tend your crops, or leave them neglected? Are you ready to reap what you've sown?

When you have considered the past, turn your mind's eye to the future. What do you want to accomplish in the year to come? What would you like to be harvesting at this time next year? Think about your goals, and envision some of the steps you'd have to go through to achieve them.

When you are satisfied, open your eyes and look to your offering. A loaf of bread is traditional, but your geode is a great, more permanent substitute! Crack open the golden surface and reveal the mystery inside!

If you've chosen something edible, enjoy a simple feast and save a small portion to leave as an offering. If you've chosen the geode, you can keep some for your altar, carry a piece with you to remind you of your gratitude for the past and goals for the future, and leave a small piece outdoors as an offering. 

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