Celebrate Imbolc with a Solitary Ritual

Celebrate Imbolc with a Solitary Ritual

At Imbolc, the earth is quickening like a child in the belly of its mother. The light is returning, and with it comes the promise of new life. Thus, we honour Birgid (or Birgit), Goddess of Healing and Fertility, Goddess of Smiths, and Goddess of Poetry.

I've been practicing witchcraft for decades now, and this ritual comes directly from the Book of Shadows I kept as a teen witch. Back then, I practiced by myself in the woods that lined the local creek, using spells and rituals I wrote myself ... and some that I copied out of books I wished I could afford from the store. I've searched to see if this is inspired by another ritual, but came up blank. So, if it's not original and you've heard this one before, let me know the original source in the comments below! I'd love to re-read some of the classic texts!

You will need:

Place the representation of Imbolc on the altar, and cleanse yourself and the area with smoke from your incense or cannabis. If you are going to indulge during the ritual, so do now. 

Salute the four directions, ending with either North or East. From there, face North-East, the direction sacred on Imbolc, and say:

The long night of Winter is coming to an end
The cold ground prepares to awake from its slumber
Creatures are stirring, sniffing the air, awaiting the call
The promise of new life, and a new awakening
Oh great Goddess Birgid
I hear your call
I welcome you with open arms
And light these candles in your honour

Light the candles.

Oh Birgid, Goddess of Fire and Water
As these candles shine brightly
May the light shine in my heart
May the water cleanse and renew me

Drink the glass of water.

Sit and meditate for some time on the ritual's meaning. This is also a good time to ask the Goddess Birgid to send healing energies to yourself or your loved ones if any need it and request it. When you are ready, look again to the North-East.

Oh great Goddess Birgid
Bringer of Light and Fire
Mother of the Horned God
Healer of the Sick
Patroness of Bards
I thank you for the honour you do me this day
I ask that your protection
Be not only on myself
And on those whom I love
But on the whole world

Close the circle.

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