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Celebrate Beltane with a Personal Ritual

Amanda Tamane

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celebrate beltane

Beltane is a sexy, fiery time of year when we celebrate the union between the goddess and god. It’s a time of fertility, creativity, and sensual playfulness. We celebrate Beltane on May 1st, so it is sometimes called May Day.

Beltane sits directly across the Wheel of the Year from Samhain, and as such the veil between this world and the spiritual realms are thinned in a similar way. This is a very intense time and offers a perfect opportunity to do some divination.

Beltane Divination Ritual

You will need:

Indulge in a ritual bath, and adorn yourself for Beltane. This is a great time to make your ritual look sexy and bright! You could wear flowers in your hair, paint on a bright red lipstick, apply essential oils as perfume, or drape yourself in sensual satin fabric. Do whatever makes you feel sexy!

If your tradition calls for it, cast a circle and call the quarters. Light one or more candles. Beltane is a holiday that’s all about the light. If possible, you could make a large fire outdoors to enjoy! Since I live in an apartment on the eighth floor, I make do with lots of candles. Light incense to set the mood. You could even burn your Herbal Blend over a charcoal disc!

Sit and invoke the feelings of the season. How does Beltane make you feel? Think about what is happening in the earth at this time of year. In Wicca, Beltane celebrates the marriage and mating of the goddess and god. The god gives his seed to the goddess, who is fertile and receptive. In the same way, the earth becomes receptive to planting at this time of year. We sow the seeds, and they will root deep into the earth and fling their leaves and blossoms into the air in the months to come. By the same token, the energies you raise and plant in your life right now will determine what happens to you in the coming months. As you transition into this warm, fertile, luscious time of year, concentrate on sowing the seeds of positivity, beauty, and love.

If you choose to honour the relationship of the goddess and god aloud, you could say something like:

I come before you today
to celebrate the union of
masculine and feminine energy.
The god sacrifices his seed
and implants it in the goddess,
where she will nurture it as it grows.
Today, I honour this bond
and its unlimited potential.

Light your herbal blend mix. I like to use my hemp-wick-wrapped crystal, but you can use a lighter or one of the candles on your altar. Waft the smoke over yourself and the area around you to cleanse it. Enjoy a few pulls on your joint, until you feel ready to access information across the veil through your pendulum.

Place your divination mat on your altar. If you do not have a mat, clear a space over which to dowse. Your mat indicates the directions the pendulum will sway to reveal the answers to your queries. Once you have acquainted yourself with these movements, you can begin to ask any questions that are on your mind. A pendulum is a great way to unlock the answers to yes or no questions.

Spend some time considering your questions and the answers you receive. What can you do to cultivate growth and abundance in the areas you’ve dowsed about? Once you’ve had a chance to digest the responses, close the circle and dismiss and thank the quarters.

You may wish to leave an offering celebrating the fertile union of Beltane, and since this is a wedding, it’s only fair to share some! I’m enjoying half a square of my CXBO chocolate in nature and leaving the other half under a tree for the goddess and god.

After the ritual, carry forward the celebratory feeling of spring. In an astronomical sense, the midway point between Ostara and Litha falls on May 5th this year, so the energy of Beltane will continue to grow until then! You could look up the perfect planting day for your Organic Seed Packets, share a bottle of wine with a partner, or just curl up with your digital copy of Her(b) Magazine! Enjoy the season!

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