Cast a Renewal Spell

The winds have turned cold, and for some of us, the snows have even started to fall! Winter is upon us, and it’s easy to want to crawl into bed and hide until spring. Most of us don’t have that luxury, even those with a bear as their animal guide, so this is the perfect time of year to give yourself a magickal boost of energy with a renewal spell.

You don’t need any fancy tools to make magick, but the right items can help you focus your energy to support your intent. If you have them available, gather the following items:

  • Red or white candle (if you intend to allow the candle to burn out during the spell, you can select a small chime candle, or even a birthday candle)
  • Carnelian
  • Cannabis, ready for consumption in your preferred manner. Choose a strain with an uplifting effect; for example, the sativa strain Green Crack is known for its invigorating energy
  • Matches or a lighter

Set the candle on your altar, or safely on a surface in front of you. Make sure that it is in a heat-safe holder, especially if you intend to allow the candle to burn out. Place the carnelian and cannabis near the candle.

If your tradition calls for it, cast a circle and call the quarters. If this isn’t part of your practice, simply close your eyes, center yourself, and breathe. Let the universe know that negative energies are not welcome where you’re working. When you are ready, strike the match or lighter and say:

I light this flame to renew my personal power.

Let the candle burn for a moment. As the flame settles, imagine the stagnant energy in your life as a still pool, with you at the center. Then, imagine that the surface begins to ripple in rings, moving away from you. Let your old energy flow away, and make space to be refilled with something new.

When you’re ready, hold the cannabis in your dominant hand. Your dominant hand is used to direct energy outside of the body, so concentrate on filling the cannabis with golden energy as you hold it in this hand. Visualize the energy flowing into the herb from the glow of the candle, swirling towards your hand and filling it with a soft glow.

When you feel your cannabis holds the energy you want to invite into yourself, place it in your other hand. Your non-dominant hand is used to invite energy into the body. Ingest the cannabis as you hold it in this hand. If you are smoking the herb, you can also smudge the smoke over yourself by directing it over your body with your dominant hand as you do so. When you have had enough, set the cannabis on your altar and pick up the carnelian.

Hold the stone between both of your hands and invite the energy it represents into your life. Carnelian supports motivation, persistence, strength, and bravery. It fortifies the physical body and encourages the movement and flow of your energy. Meditate on its meaning, and feel this energy fill your body. If you work with any particular deities, invite them to bless and support these actions. For example, my patron goddess Freyja holds carnelian to be sacred. You could say something to her like:

Freyja, goddess of war and beauty,
Wrap your wings around me,
Protect me and heal me.
I ask you to help me be strong.
Give me the wisdom and power
Of the valkyries.

You can allow the candles to burn out, or extinguish them when your spell is complete. When you feel warm and peacefully renewed, end the spell by declaring that it is done. It’s common to say, “So mote it be!” but you can close your circle in any way that feels appropriate, even just by clapping your hands loudly to seal the energy. Make the process your own!

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