Cannabis Plant Meditation - Beginning the Growth Season

Ahhhh spring! The time for a witch to get busy planning, growing, and beginning new projects and goals. One project I start every Ostara is kicking off the outdoor growing process for my cannabis seeds by germinating them. This is done in 3 easy steps over a few days. I combine each major step with a short meditation ritual to build intent into the seeds and encourage them to grow with me over the course of their life-cycle.  I've highlighted the steps and meditation process below for you

1. Soaking Period: Take your cannabis seeds and soak overnight in a glass of charged sun water. Sun water is used to infuse the life giving energy that the sun delivers into the seeds. The seeds should be fully immersed in the water so the outer shell is penetrated by the water and growth will be activated. If they float to the surface, wait a few minutes and check again. Make sure you do not let the seeds soak for over 24 hours as they might suffer oxygen deprivation and will rot.

While preparing your seeds' sun bath, prepare your own ritual bath as well. Block off half an hour where you will not be disturbed. Add herbs, flowers, and scents to your bath water that will promote growth, fertility, and abundance. Add a jar of sun water as well. 

A bath filled with water and flowers with a running tap. Crystal spheres sit on the side of the bath tub.

When your seeds are immersed in the water, do the same yourself. Ease into your bath and let your breathing become slower and deeper, allowing your belly to rise and fall with each breath. I like to take this time to enjoy a joint filled with Blue Dream to guide me into a euphoric and dreamy state before beginning a meditation mantra.

"I will grow. I will flourish. I will grow. I will flourish.

Make sure to stay in the present. Do not let your mind wander. Repeat a mantra out loud or in your head. Allow it to build inside you, until you feel that it has filled you with positive energy and growth. Let the water cover your body, creating a protective coat around you. 

"I will grow. I will flourish. I will grow. I will flourish." 

Picture yourself and the seed growing together. Hold your focus as long as you can. Let that energy flow. When you leave the bath give some of your built up energy to your seed companion by whispering your mantra to it with power and purpose. 

2. Contemplation.

After 24 hours, remove the seeds from the water. Set up two paper (or cloth) towels on to a shallow tray or dinner plate. Pour your sun water out onto two paper (or cloth) towels, add the seeds, and fold the towels over them. They should be fully covered. Drain any excess water from the tray by tipping it to the side while holding the seeds in place. 

Leave the seeds in a warm, dark location (between 21°C–27°C).  If you can, set the plate in a vertical position so the taproot grows downward. Several times a day, visit your seeds and check the moisture level. You'll want to water once or twice a day to keep your seeds evenly moist. Drain the excess water as needed. Make sure to never let the towels dry out. When you visit your seeds continue with your bath meditation mantra from the day before. Sit with them. Imagine them growing, growing with you, rooting into the ground as your root yourself, giving yourself to the earth.

"I will grow. I will flourish. I will grow. I will flourish." 

Lift your arms up slowly, growing with them. Reaching for your ultimate goals, harnessing the powerful energies of the sun.

"I will grow. I will flourish. I will grow. I will flourish." 

Build your intent into the seeds. Imagine the work these little seeds need to accomplish to grow its perfect buds in abundance and feed them and yourself with positivity and love.

"I will grow. I will flourish. I will grow. I will flourish." 

3. Sprout!

After a few days, the seeds will sprout! 

Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park saying "Life Finds A Way."

You will know they have sprouted by the white rootlets that have burst forth from the germinated seed. They might appear small, but that's okay. You don't want them longer than 1 cm before planting because longer roots could slow its growth.

Find a pair of tweezers and dip in an alcohol solution to sterilize. Wipe them off thoroughly. As gently as possible, use your pair of tweezers to pick up the seeds and plant them with the white root tip pointing downwards. Try your best to not expose the roolet to prolonged light and air.  Cover the seeds with approx 1-2 cm of fine, moist planting medium. Take care not to expose the tender rootlet to prolonged light and air. Cover germinated seeds with 0.25 to 0.5 inches (1-2 cm) of fine, moist planting medium. I like to place a crystal next to my growing seeds to encourage growth and good health. Green Moon's tree agate wand is a perfect companion as it is strongly connected to the growth and well-being of plant life.

Tree Agate Crystal Wand in a Cannabis Plant Pot.

This is the time to give thanks.

For this gratitude meditation I like to take a light edible, but partake in whatever you feel comfortable with. Once it's effects begin, sit with your plant, close your eyes and consciously bring your feelings of gratitude to your mind. Pause and take a breath, centring yourself. Give gratitude for this moment. Give gratitude for the natural chemistry that is growing within you and your plant. Give gratitude for the abundance that is to come. Give gratitude for the growing season, for the sun reaching high up in the sky, for the water that will nourish your cannabis plant, and for the earth giving way to its roots. Take another breath and smile during its release. 

Enjoy the growing season cannawitches! May your seeds of hope, happiness, and love flourish and grow!


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