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Blending Ruby in Zoisite with Blue Dream Cannabis in Your Yule Witchcraft

Vanessa Neshevich

Also known as “Mid-Winter”, the Yule Sabbat aligns with the Winter Solstice, where the daylight period is the shortest and the night period is the longest of the year.

It is on this day that the Goddess gives birth to a renewed Sun God to free the world from the icy clutches of winter. It is a time of celebration as the source of life re-emerges from darkness and the Crone of Samhain becomes the Mother once more.

At Green Moon Apothecary Ltd, we have carefully selected items to assist your celebration of Yule and in this blog we will guide you in how to integrate cannabis and your ruby in zoisite pipe, from the Yule Sabbat Boxinto your spiritual and holistic wellness practices.

Ruby in zoisite is a highly feminine stone with a rich sensual energy. A perfect crystal for bunkering down with on the longest night of the year. It is an energy amplification stone that can energize the entire field of one’s body and enhance trust in the universe and the ultimate goodness of life. It takes in negative energy, releasing fears and reforming them into the positive. It is a stone that will open you to appreciation and abundance in your life. Combining Ruby in zoisite with cannabis also can assist with alleviating menstrual pains.

When blending the powers of ruby in zoisite with cannabis, we recommend a true hybrid strain such as Blue Dream. Your pipe becomes a perfect companion for a mystic adventurer strain such a Blue Dream as you recharge and look to re-emerge into the light. Blue Dream is a great strain for cannabis connoisseurs as well as those new to the holy herb.  It is a cross between the classic strains of Blueberry and Haze. In Canada it is sold by many of the large Licenced Producers (LPs), including Tilray, WeedMD, Canna Farms and Aphria.

Both the strain and stone will create a balance of a full-body relaxation with a gentle cerebral invigoration, connecting the heart with the mind. It will ease you into a calm euphoria as you wallow amongst its sweet aroma, allowing the smoke to clear your room of negative energy.  Blue Dream’s especially pungent smoke will linger in the air. It’s fruity smell is blended with earthy sandalwood and a light citrus kick that comes from the Haze strain.

Note that you can choose to use different strains in your pipe. Use what is best for your intentions to achieve the best results.  

You do not have to ingest or use cannabis in your practice. This is up to you and only you. Do not trick members of your circle into ingesting or using cannabis. Always inform and seek consent from members of your circle before offering them cannabis.

If you do not want to use cannabis, Good Witch Yoga has a great guide to smoking other herbs such as Damiana or Red Raspberry Leaf.  

To begin, first charge your smoking materialand cleanse and program your ruby in zoisite pipe. Annie the Alchemist has a great post on giving your crystals an energy detox. For the purpose and best use of your pipe, we recommend the Sage or Selenite Stick cleansing methods she highlights.

Add your cannabis to the pipe and speak your intention you want them to help you with.  This can be done in silent meditation or out loud. To best utilize the powers of Blue Dream and Ruby in Zoisite during Yule, you may want to invite light, hope and positive energy back into the world and your life with this chant.

Negativity I ward you away
Happiness come my way
With this stone I use today
I will attract positivity to stay

Then carefully light your cannabis in the Ruby in Zoisite pipe. While lighting the cannabis think of your positive affirmation, for instance:

“I want to bring positivity and light to myself and those around me.”

As you draw on your pipe imagine the cannabis bringing positive energy towards you. Let the crystal pipe do the heavy lifting by channeling the energy through its tip. Allow the smoke to billow around you and, if you have others participating, your circle. Surround yourself with the positive energy the smoke emits.

Once you have smoked the Blue Dream, close your circle by empty the ashes into a flame proof dish on your altar and placing your pipe next to them. If you do not have an altar, you can re-use your ash in any alkaline loving plant such as Honeysuckle, Hyacinth or Lilies.

You can continue throughout the year to repeat this process whenever you want to clear your negative energies, enhance trust or treat menstrual pains.

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