Beltane 2021 Strain Recommendation

Cannabis plant basking in the sunshine. Text overlay saying "Beltane Strain Recommendation"

Beltane is such a beautiful Sabbat! The birds are chirping, plants and flowers are bursting forth with life, bonfire season is back, and we cannawitches can flock back outside to enjoy a puff without freezing! Life surrounds our spaces in abundance and the sun is finally back with a vengeance, bringing with it exciting energies that connect us to fertility, joy, abundance, and prosperity. It is the perfect time to welcome these powerful energies and give life to your areas of passion such as a creative venture, job hunting, love making, gardening, friendships, and making art!  

This brings me to a strain I've never tried until very recently and now I'm in love 💚 👀 !!  A sexy marriage between Orange Cream Soda with Trainwreck created a combo that is the perfect Beltane strain: Sonic Screwdriver.  A sativa heavy strain with light, fluffy nugs that deliver a sweet citrus and dank earth scent and taste that reminds me of working away in the garden. Her notes are incredibly enticing! 

Sonic Screwdriver's effects enter with a mellow, easy-breezy, euphoric feeling, but soon after you'll feel the pedal to the metal as your mind goes into overdrive (in a good way). As a motivational tool, she's a great strain to hit before doing high energy magik, divination (especially when outdoors, for instance cloud-scrying), or getting your next next creative project moving. Beltane is a celebration of life and this beautiful strain will match the high energy of the Sabbat. You'll be smiling, giggly, and depending on your mood... horny! Sonic Screwdriver is perfectly complementary strain for any bawdy Beltane activities or sex rituals! The best part is, when you're winding down, her indica side will kick in with a nice body stone and you'll relax a bit, allowing you to wind down after your hard work. This is not an overwhelming strain, but it is not a bedtime buddy either, she is best enjoyed during the day, or in the evening when you plan to stay up late. 

Whether harnessing the fertility of the natural world to cast love spells, drawing in energy for a divination session while the veil is thin, having a sexy session in the bedroom, or just going buck wild in a field of flowers, Sonic Screwdriver's got you covered.

If you can't find Sonic Screwdriver you can try some of these similar strains: Super Silver Sour Diesel, Hindu Kush, Azure Haze.

Merry Beltane, cannawitches! We wish you the brightest of blessings! Happy toking!



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