Be Your Own Valentine with a Rose Milk Bath

It's Valentine's Day! One of the most romantic days of the year, when we're encouraged to lavish our significant other with chocolates, roses, or maybe even diamonds. It's a nice idea to show your love to the people around you, but as Mama Ru says, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"

Valentine's is the perfect day to give yourself a little self-care, so why not enjoy a rose milk bath to encourage self-love and maybe attract the love of others?

Valentine's Bath of Roses

You will need:

I decided I was going to go all out to treat myself, and was determined to learn to roll a rose petal blunt to enjoy while I soaked. You can find some great tutorials that will teach you how to do so, but the key things to remember are to use organic roses (you don't want to breathe or soak in pesticides!), wash them of any debris, then lick 'em and stick 'em into a sheet that you place under the broiler for a few seconds at a time until it's dry but pliable. 
If, like me, you find you have no talent for rolling, another great option is to dry the petals and grind them up with your cannabis, then enjoy it in the manner you normally would. This isn't only easier to do, it can also be much easier to find organic dried roses that are intended for use in cooking, rather than trying to hunt down an organic bouquet!
Draw your bath and light some candles. I picked small white tealights so that the experience would feel super lush, but pink or red candles would lend a loving, romantic vibe. Add the milk bath and if you have roses left, you can top the bath with petals or crumble some dried roses and sprinkle them into the water. Make it feel luxurious! Mix the water with your dominant hand, imagining it becoming infused with love and light.
Climb into the tub and relax. Just like when you take a ritual bath, this is your time to meditate and focus on your intent. It may help you to play romantic music, or to bring a book of love poems into the tub. 
As you smoke the rose-infused cannabis, consider ways you could treat yourself better in the coming year. Could you be more gentle with yourself? Is there something you want to try that would make your soul shine? Give yourself permission to treat your own needs as if they were those of your beloved!
When you have soaked to your content, exit and drain the bath. If you want to continue the process with a self-love spell, a simple and easy way to do so is to extend your intent into a mantra, and repeat it to yourself after the bath, and every morning in the mirror for at least a week. You could repeat something as simple as:
I accept myself just as I am
I love myself just as I am
Or, if you're feeling femme and real sassy, maybe take it back to RuPaul!
I'm a femme queen, mother of the house of no shame
My pussy is on fire, now kiss the flame

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