Cannabis, Witchcraft and Self-Confidence: A Ritual to Banish Barriers

Cannabis is compatible with witchcraft in so many ways! This magickal multi-use plant can amplify your meditation and divination practices, help you connect with your spirits, be used in spellwork, enhance your magickal ceremonies and bathing rituals, or in this blog's case, help increase your confidence and self-possession.

Cannabis is a wonderful tool to help you take active steps towards positivity. It can help muffle that inner saboteur and get rid of the negative self-talk that can be a barrier to you being your most amazing self!

RuPaul Drag Race Inner Saboteur

In previous blogs, I've written about how cannabis can be a relaxant. It can calm the mind and the body allowing the user to be more open to positive change and new perspectives. This is incredibly useful to the resourceful witch when looking to adjust and re-shape their self-esteem and to stop those toxic negative thought patterns.

To help rid yourself of any limiting beliefs and self doubt, try following this simple ritual...

Select your cannabis. Different strains bring on different emotions and feelings. You'll want to select a calming strain that will allow you to focus and set goals in motion. For this type of work I would recommend a 1:1 CBD to THC strain like Argyle or Harlequin. Choose whatever consumption method you prefer.

Pinpoint your barriers to unlocking your confidence and potential. This can be done through journaling, or most likely you have identified your barrier ahead of time. For instance, I am not confident when speaking in public. My barrier is that I fear people will negatively judge me. Get out a notepad, rip off a piece of paper and write down your barrier. 

This is the time to indulge in cannabis. As you consume it counter your negative thoughts and challenge them. Begin by putting on music that inspires you... the kind of music that makes you feel powerful and in control. Take your piece of paper with your barrier written on it and set it aflame! I know I don't need to say it, but safety first! Make sure you have a fireproof container for burning your barrier paper and are practicing fire safety.  As it burns repeat out loud or in your head, "Barrier Begone! Barrier Begone! Berrier Begone!" Release yourself from the negativity and fear that you are carrying. Imagine it being carried away from you with the smoke.

Take out your notepad again. Under your barriers put on some music and write “What would be most helpful for me to rid me of this barrier?"

Once you write this down, start to feel the power in your chosen music. Let it inspire you. Begin to doodle. Let your thoughts come to you naturally and jot them down as fast as you can. This can be images, words, lyrics... do not edit yourself or try to make what you are putting on the paper "make sense". Let cannabis help elevate your mind to unlock guidance.

After a few moments, you'll find your doodling will slow down and then stop all together. You may find you want to ask a secondary question. Go right ahead. If you are feeling blocked and nothing is coming out, put the notepad away and try again at another time. You might not be ready to receive the messages that are coming your way.

When you are done, revisit your doodles. Do you see patterns in there? Do you see words that jump off the page. These images, word and patterns can help guide you on your pathway to ridding yourself of the fears and barriers you wish to conquer. 

This ritual opens me up to new solutions to how I should deal with barriers and setbacks as I try to reach a goal. It allows me to take back my power from situations where I might feel a little powerless and overwhelmed by my own personal fears. I hope it will help you to release your personal fears and conquer a goal that has been waiting for you to finish! I wish you luck in this task my beautiful cannawitches!

Sweet Dee Reynolds


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