An Imbolc Cleaning Ritual for CannaWitches

Imbolc blessings witches!

As winter hits its midway point and spring is on the horizon, it is a time to clear the air, rid ourselves of items that no longer serve us, and create new tools and endeavours in the waning dark so they are ready to sprout in spring. An Imbolc cleaning is a perfect way to begin this important time.

But while most spring cleaners might be frantically Marie Kondo-ing their homes, we witches take a much more magickal approach to cleaning, building intent into every cleaning action. While necessary, cleaning can feel like a daunting task, but by starting with a positive mindset and adding some sweet tunes and a twist of cannabis into the mix it can actually be kinda fun!

Girl singing into mop while cleaning at Imbolc

Here is a step-by-step cleaning ritual for all you weed loving witches out there. Hopefully it will sprinkle some positive vibes into the mix and make your cleaning experience a rewarding one.

1. Build intention into your cleaning process. Begin by focusing on what you want to bring into your home. Prosperity, protection, purification, joy, abundance, and love are all wonderful to shape into your deepest intentions for your space and self. 

2. Select your strain, herbs, and essential oils that reflect your intentions and add them into your smoking experience and cleaning supplies. For your cannabis strain I recommend looking at sativa dominant strains that cultivates creative thinking, welcomes success, and builds your energy and focus such as Green Moon's Imbolc strain recommendation Super Lemon Haze. When selecting herbs and oils, look at their magickal properties and ensure they reflect and will boost your intentions. You can also look at selecting all-purpose magickal oils such as Van Van oil. Add in a few drops of Beaux Magique's Van Van Oil into your water bucket to chase away bad vibes when washing the floor.

3. Build your intent into your cannabis. This is important as you want to infuse positive energies and your intent into your cannabis. Your cannabis can be a wonderful representation of the element earth in your cleaning ritual. Roll your selected strain into a joint and starting with the furthest point of your home from your front door, light your joint and begin to open windows. This will smoke cleanse your space with intention while letting the element of wind blow through your home, ridding your home of negative energy.

4. Now that you are feeling a joyful high and negativity is leaving your space, go back to the furthest room. Light a candle to invite fire into your space. Go through each nook and cranny. Start a pile of items to donate, items to reuse (ex. jars), and to get rid of, wiping down all surfaces, shelves and items you are keeping as you do this, leaving your space well-organized and with room for new energies to come in.  Start from the highest shelves and work your way down to the floor, giving it a good wash. Make sure to give your windows a good cleaning too. This will allow new energies to easily shine in. The floor is the last to be done. First, give it a good sweep and/or vaccum, scooping up any last remnants of bad energy, then give it a good wash with your essential oil and herb infused water. Washes can influence those who walk on the floor and so the items you use in your wash will be very important. Here is a simple mix I like to use (you should make this the day before cleaning):

CannaWitch Floor Wash Mix (not for marble or granite floors):

  • 4 cups water (moon water is ideal to punch up your intentions and power)
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar (protection, purification)
  • Rind and juice of 1 lemons (protection, purification)
  • 10 drops of Van Van oil (luck, protection, purification)
  • 6 bay leaves (success, protection, purification, abundance)
  • 1/2 cup cloves (money, protection, purification, healing)
  • 1/2 cup basil (money, protection, abundance)
  • 7 cinnamon sticks (money, protection, purification, healing)
  • 3 drops CBD oil (utilize the magickal properties of cannabis: healing, purification, creativity, energy amplification)

Boil for twenty minutes, steep for 2 hours, strain out the solid items.  Boil again before using.

5. Once you are done, bring the candle into the next room and repeat the above. Feel free to hit your joint once more before leaving to give the room a final Cannawitch style smoke cleanse.

6. Don't forget your cannabis tools! Cleaning your cannabis accessories is extremely important for good hygiene, improving the flavour of your cannabis, and increasing its functionality and positive energy.  Plus keeping your tools clean helps maintain their aesthetic appeal! Check out Green Moon's 2021 Imbolc box, which contains lots of Cannawitch cleaning tools such as Piece Water and cleaning brushes.

Green Moon Imbolc 2021 CannaWitch Cleaning Box

7. Once complete, thank the elements that helped you with this process. Draw a bath and begin a cleansing bath ritual for yourself to remove any last negative energy that might be clinging to you.  Should you want to reward yourself with a job well done joint, I recommend switching to an Indica dominant strain to lull you into a relaxed state of body and mind as a full day of ritual cleaning could leave you feeling drained.


Good job witches! You now have a clean space to foster new ideas, goals and creativity to bloom!





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