A Spell to Make Your Petition Heard

A Spell to Make Your Petition Heard

There can be no argument that we are living in tumultuous, politically charged times. Here in Canada, we're following the Black Lives Matter movement that was born in the States, and grappling with what systemic racism looks like in our own country and its government. 

Whatever your political party, and no matter what issues are close to your heart, it's important that you make your voice heard. Get out and vote, assemble in protest, and get your message out loud and clear! Sometimes, these intentions can use a little boost to help you focus your energies and encourage your words to fall on open ears.

Don't worry if you don't have some of the supplies; what's most important is that you take the time to ground and centre yourself, and consider your intent.

You will need:

  • A pen or marker
  • Bay leaves, one for each person or organization you will contact
  • Paper, to write what you want to say. If you have a script or document prepared, use that. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer, if you're a tech-savvy witch!
  • Candle, like our Triple Goddess Imbolc Candles. Calendula is a potent symbol of the sun and encourages stagnation into motion. Basil is a powerful protectant that purifies evil and protects its bearer.
  • A bowl
  • Tiger's Eye gemstone, or another item that you can hold in your hand that lends you strength

Light a candle, infused with strengthening herbs or coloured yellow, if possible. Yellow is the colour of communication in some traditional candle magicks. If you cast a circle in your tradition, do so, or settle into sacred space by grounding and centring yourself for the spell.

When you are ready, take the bay leaves and write the name of the person or organization you are going to contact. You can write each name on a different leaf, or write them all on the same leaf. If you don't have bay leaves, you can write the names on a small piece of paper and focus on infusing the paper with the same energy that bay leaves have in magickal traditions: to encourage clear and direct communication. 

Place the bay leaves into the bowl and set the bowl by the candle. Take the tiger's eye into your hand and close your eyes. Feel the strength of the earth lending you support. Think of the message you are going to send, and feel your roots extend deep into the earth below you. Imagine yourself sharing your message freely, articulately, and feel yourself opening into the air around you, like petals, leaves, or branches. Bring your focus back to the stone in your hand, and feel its strength. Tiger's eye stones were traditionally carried as a talisman to protect against ill-wishes and curses and can be used when facing verbal, mental or psychic attacks from those in power. Remind yourself that if you get nervous when you are speaking your mind later, you can come back to the peace you feel in this moment.

Open your eyes, and look at your notes or blank paper. Say:

May my words be clear 
When they find an ear
For my ideas are strong
And I know I'm not wrong
Let my voice ring true
And my petition go through
This is my will, let it be!

Write your ideas down, or read the message you are going to send. You could also perform this spell when you are making a protest sign for a rally.

Really think about the words, messages, and imagery you are creating, and consider what you want to say. Even if you are signing your name to an email template that you found, read through it and decide if there's anything you want to emphasize or add. Is there a personal story that you can share? Has the issue impacted you or someone you know? Even if the issue is that it's never come up in your own life, it might be important to mention that!

When you are satisfied with your petition, take a moment to ground and centre with the tiger's eye in your hand again.

If you've written an email or message, send it now.

If you are planning to make a phone call, you can do so now, or complete the spell and carry the stone with you when you make the call. Call after office hours if you really don't want someone to pick up, then leave a message.⁠ Call from a safe, quiet space where you can be alone. This can help with phone anxiety.⁠

If you are planning to protest or speak to someone in person, complete the spell and carry the stone with you when you are ready to speak your mind.

To complete the spell, blow out the candle. Dispose of the paper or bay leaves in the most appropriate way for your circumstances, while concentrating on your communication being successful and beneficial. You can burn or bury the leaves, or find an appropriate way to return them to nature.

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