A Spell for Psychic Dreams

In the winter, it can be hard to get up and out of bed to get going. You can make the most of this sleepy energy with a simple spell to encourage dreams about your future. 

Mondays are the perfect day to do divination and psychic spells, but you can try this simple dream spell any day of the week. You will need:

  • mugwort tea
  • honey (you can use cannabis-infused)
  • cannabis and damiana, for incense or prepared for smoking
  • a journal

Brew a cup of mugwort tea and place it on your altar. You may choose to light a candle to focus your intent, but if you do so, make sure that you put the candle out before you go to sleep. A blue candle would be well associated with psychic powers and self-examination.

Either burn the herbal blend on a charcoal disc as incense, or smoke it. Damiana has been traditionally used for sleep and dream magic. It is said to relieve tension and help you sleep. A great pairing for it in this spell would be Super Silver Haze.

Meditate on your intent. Focus on having a dream that will help you understand what is coming to you in the future. Tell yourself that you are going to remember what you dream, and that you are going to benefit from the experience. 

When you feel receptive and dream-like, speak aloud to the gods. Say something like:

Things that still have yet to be
I ask that you now let me see
Things that I will need to know
I ask for you to clearly show
Important insights you may deem
Show me tonight while I dream


Sip the tea and concentrate on your words. Finish smoking any herb you began, and ensure that it is extinguished before you move on.

Take your journal with you and place it near your bed. Let yourself relax into sleep, and write down anything you remember when you wake up in the morning.

If the spell isn't successful on your first try, repeat the chant and intent before bed each night until your dream is revealed to you. 

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