7 Ways To Celebrate Litha

Litha Picnic 7 Ways to Celebrate Litha

Litha, otherwise known as midsummer or the summer solstice, is a fire festival celebrated on June 21 in 2019. It is the longest day of the year, which also means it is the shortest night. The triumphant sun gives energy to the land as it shines brightly, full of passion, abundance, love and light. Litha is symbolic of the power of the sun and we rejoice in the blessings it brings us.

At this time, we celebrate that we can draw energy from the light, the peak of summer and the abundance the earth brings us. Here are seven ideas to help you celebrate this joyful time.

  1. Sunrise to Sunset: Connect and celebrate the healing power of the sun by being part of its daily journey.  Get outdoors and light your travel candle just before dawn and watch the rising sun. Rejoice it the energy of renewal, growth and abundance. Spend your entire day outside and part with the sun as it sets to the west. Ignite your travel candle once more, to give power to the setting sun.
  2. Fill Your Home (and Altar) with Flowers: Gather flowers from the wild or a close by shop. Fill your home with the flower kingdom and surrender to their beauty and natural perfumes! Choose any array of colours that speak to you. Orange and yellow are wonderful connectors to the fiery energy of the sun. Some flowers that are in abundance in June are: Gerbera Daisies, Alstroemeria, Cornflower, Dandelion, Peonies, Roses or Sunflowers.
  3. Try Cloud Scrying: Our beautiful Earth speaks to us in many ways, including leaving messages in the clouds. Scrying is basically meditation with open eyes.  Find a nice patch of grass and lay down facing the sky. If you are alone, find a relaxing playlist to listen to, or if music is too distracting, listen to the sounds of nature. You want to be able to clear your mind. As you enjoy the dance of the clouds as they float over you, look into the shapes and take meaning from them. Take your time. Allow the clouds to tell you their message rather than seeking one.  Journal your insights and find patterns in the wisdom of the sky.
  4. Build an Energy Bag: Build your bag with items associated with solar energy, abundance, vibrancy and life. Items such as Tiger’s Eye crystals (a stone that seems to burn with an inner flame), Rose Quartz, Mugwort, St. John's Wort, Chamomile, Sunflower Seeds, tiny family heirlooms, travel candle or incense matches, a single rune stone that you draw on most often and gold charms are great to consider. Place them into a translucent drawstring bag and leave it out in the sun to collect its powerful energy. The sun’s energy is at its most powerful state at Litha, but your bag will hold that energy until you are ready to use the items in spells and rituals. If you open your bag, you can recharge in direct sunlight again.
  5. Smoke a Bowl With Your Besties: Historically, the celebration of the summer solstice was a hard-partying day filled with fertility ceremonies, parades, feasts and overall merriment. Take advantage of this time of joy and the extra sunlight by getting together with your witchy friends, playing music, dancing and having a little lifted sun worship with merry-making cannabis strains. Speaking of fun times….
  6. Have an Abundance BBQ or Picnic: Gather your nearest and dearest and take pleasure in the simple fun of eating a meal in nature. Plan your meal based around the sun. Feature fresh vegetables (this time, you DO make friends with salad!), fruits, sun-dried tomatoes, spicy dishes and bbq favs. Enjoy a sense of community by making your bbq a potluck with a Litha theme. Each of your guests can bring one dish plus their favourite energetic strain to keep the party going until the evening when you….
  7. Build A Bonfire: A traditional way of celebrating Litha, extend the power of the sun with a big bonfire! Feel the energies of the fire flow through your body and welcome them in. Give thanks for all you have been rewarded with and let any negative energies you have been carrying with you get burned away. Burn magickal herbs in the flames to enhance the magic. Make sure to safely put out the fire and collect some of the ashes for use in rituals and to place in your garden as fertilizer.
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